Thursday, October 15, 2015

Once Smokey Was Gone

Okay, here's my story. Opportunities haven't just presented themselves. They've pushed themselves on me. I tend to make light of what I've seen, where I've been. Yeah, I think I'm special. I think everybody's special. I know everybody's special.

Bo Diddley wanted to produce us. I would have been the one to follow up. I didn't. Elvis offered to teach me karate. Was he kidding? Well, of course he was. Would he have spent the time with me if I had asked? We'll never know.

Don Garlits took me to lunch and offers me a job. He wanted to know if I would run a radio station for him if he bought one. I shrugged it off. I doubt he remembers me.

Norman Petty wrote me and invited me to come to Clovis to record. He asked if I knew that it was "country music" that I was playing.

Well, I've got lots and lots of these stories. I've written here about some of them, the ones that I remember. Did I screw up? You tell me. I have no regrets. I really just want to get good at love.

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