Sunday, October 18, 2015

Make Me Laugh

We've all read that Elvis tried not to smile in photos. Obviously he didn't try all that hard or the cliche of that crooked grin wouldn't be legend. Really, the best art is all loaded with humor. Let me just say here and now that I will decide on this matter. You know, like in those pretentious catalogs from the '70's where they would command, "Please allow us to choose."

Dirty stuff is dirtier when it's funny. Rock'n'roll rocks better when it's silly. Think Work With Me Annie. Picasso knew that it was funny to put both eyes on the same side of the nose.

My pal, Rebekah Pulley, has suddenly flourished as a comedienne. Her art is pure and it's perfect but now she has added that "make 'em wet their pants" element. It might not be a good sign for her that I think it's brilliant.

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