Thursday, August 18, 2022

Trips To The Attic

All thoughts are random until they get strung together with others. Most of mine remain at least slightly obtuse even then. Here are a few of today's.

Religions always go with the good colors. Saffron robes, pink and purple pope get-ups. Why do they dress the nuns in black?

If we let the public know that billionaires in the US don't pay taxes and that our taxes go mostly for war to benefit the billionaires, don't they suspect that lots of people are gonna cheat and lie when tax time rolls around?

If you don't believe in a creator, you might as well enjoy the carnal delights with gusto and without guilt, right? If you do believe in a creator, surely you don't think that She designed reproduction of the species requiring something sinful. Do you?

Oh, I could go on, as you know. I would like to say that I have better things to do. I don't. It's just that short attention span.


Saturday, August 13, 2022

Mr. Universe and Miss Understanding

Which is more elusive, time or love? Can either concept be defined? Is there any kind of relationship between the two?

We over-thinkers generally have more questions than answers.

All my life I've waited for what I have now. It's been a great life. Can you imagine how miserable I would have been if I had known that I was waiting? If I had driven faster or if I had not dropped logic, everything would be different. If I had slept later two or three times, if I had not played that last show at the Borderline or if I had not bought that pair of shoes, I would be coasting in the wrong gear.

If James Grissom had not written Follies Of God or if I had not read it, and if I had not banged on the door like a madman as the sun was coming up to "explain" it, I would have missed my entire purpose.

Do I believe in magic? It's all magic, buddy.


Monday, August 8, 2022

Check The Oil

If someone shows you who you are, believe them. 

"I've never seen you look so happy."

"You seem to glow, somehow."

"That doesn't sound like you."

All those t-shirt sayings turn out to be true. The Hallmark wishes, too. Remember all those good wishes that your pals left in your yearbook? I would recommend patience but that would be wildly hypocritical. Maybe I should suggest, just wait. Follow all the paths marked "LOVE."