Sunday, February 4, 2018

So Shoot Me

Sometimes the quicksand of despair gets the upper hand and I writhe for what seems like forever in an attempt to figure it all out. You might just call it the blues. I come by it honestly. My mom had a knack for misery.

Lucky for me, I score high on the other end of the scale, as well. Maxine had a penchant for joy, too. I test well.

Sometimes I talk too much. Sing too loud. I see stuff that other folks don't see. Oh, it's there. You just have to jiggle the dial to pick up my frequency. In an AM world, I'm all FM.

If you're gonna keep your soul and your heart open, you're gonna suffer some scrapes and some bruises. If you don't, you're gonna miss the best parts. Don't look for love, just love.

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