Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Grace and Dignity

Okay, that's it. I have shot off my mouth for years about being an anarchist. Now I have had enough. This government does not serve me. Does not represent me in any way. This school shooting is the final straw. Life is bigger than Washington, D.C. The Koch brothers money doesn't mean a thing to me. Charles and David are old. I don't care how fancy their caskets are, they're going in the dirt to be devoured by worms.

Instead of working to right the wrongs of slavery we demonize the dreamers who were brought here for a better life. Rather than atonement for what we did to fifty million natives we allow a scrawny little fucker from Wisconsin to trick uneducated poor people to strip away all means of support including health care for them. I don't need to remind you that his healthcare is funded by taxpayer dollars. We pay his salary and fund his retirement. The Koch brothers pay for his campaigns.

In junior high school I learned that anarchists were violent. Up to no good. Well, as I read through the new testament it seems to me that Jesus was an anarchist by my definition. Funny thing is, they called him the Prince of Peace.

Me? I don't kill bugs. I drive the speed limit. Maybe. I certainly don't exceed it! I suppose that I'm a socialist, pacifist, patriotic anarchist. I don't care much what you think of me. 

My vocation is love and my tools are three chords and a fountain pen.

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