Friday, February 2, 2018

Hula Hoops and Spelling Bees

If I had known I was gonna live this long I would have danced more. Loved harder. I wish I had peed outside more often like the  other guys. I regret not having spent more time with each and every pet. I'm sorry that I chased the almighty buck, sold out and made all that commercial pop music.

Just kidding about that one.

If I ever told you that I love you then rest assured that I love you.

At some stage in life I remember overhearing older folks whining that there was a time when their spelling was perfect and their handwriting was pretty. I never believed a word of it. Now I can't spell kat. I can recall watching old fools pick up hula hoops and sigh about how easy it used to be as it slipped over the beer belly and down over the white socks. There's nothing to forget. Right? I can juggle bowling balls as well as I can hula hoop.

We all laughed a decade ago when Willie Nelson quipped that he had "outlived his dick."

Who knew?

No reason to get good at old age. It won't last.

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