Friday, February 16, 2018

Love and Fashion

We can't out-hate them. In the first place, that's what they're good at. Besides, what kind of world would that make? As usual the kids see the truth. They're demanding that adults do something to change this gun situation. Let's change the whole shebang while we're at it.

What are you rebelling against, Ronny?

Whadda' you got?

1. Gun control

Yeah, let's call it what it is. Don't let them set the narrative. If they're too dumb to understand the second amendment, that shouldn't define the struggle. We control drugs, speed limits, alcohol sales and zoning. Guns should be controlled.

2. Misogyny

It doesn't matter whether we elect men or women but let's make sure that we don't continue to elect men who don't respect women. Legislation to insure equal pay should be written now.

3. War

With a defense budget more than 400% of China's we need to completely re-do our military. Again, they have set the narrative. If you question one of their wars or request specifics on their budget,
 you're not patriotic enough. Cue General Eisenhower!

4. Money

For starters, let's get it out of politics. While we're at it let's enforce laws against gerrymandering and let's legislate term limits. We can really reform the tax code and begin to pay for infrastructure and a social safety net. Where do we get the money? From where it is! They're not going to like that.

5. Health care

If pharmaceutical companies don't want to make drugs that can be purchased by sick people, maybe they're in the wrong business. Jonas Salk developed and gave away the polio vaccine. Those little twits in suspenders with their money and third homes don't develop anything. They peddle stocks. If insurance companies only want to sell product for healthy people they're not really in the insurance business. They rob folks and build tall buildings downtown. They're crooks and they're in the real estate business.

Now, if all of this sounds like "socialism" and you're wondering if I'm against "capitalism" it's merely that, once again, we have allowed them to set the narrative. Here's what I'm for: fair, honest, compassion, safety, peace, transparency.

I suppose that means that I'm against corruption, dishonesty, secrecy, war, environmental degradation and greed.

People come in good and bad, seems to me, not socialist and capitalist.

Allow me to suggest a new narrative. It's all about love. Look at the real leaders in history. People are the true resources and the well being of the people is our responsibility. The children and the ones who can't take care of themselves are our first priority.

Anybody can make money if they start with money and they write the rules. Anybody. Those two bunches who control our political system don't represent me and they don't fit my definition of "party" either. We need heroes to run for office. Heroes who make it fashionable to talk about peace and love.

Let's roll!

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