Monday, February 12, 2018

Don't Go

So ol' Elton is calling it quits. I booked him for a concert here on his first tour. He wasn't anywhere near a rock'n'roll star. Not a legend. No icon. He wore tan, corduroy overalls. He did dance on the Steinway concert grand which cost my boss, Phil Gernhard, a pretty penny.

Oh, I remember old geezers telling tales about the swing era, arguing about whether or not it was over. Sure, Ed Shaughnessy played his old drum kit five nights a week in Doc Severinsen's orchestra. Even if you closed your eyes you weren't gonna make believe you were listening to Jack Teagarden or Charlie Ventura, though. Technically those guys could swing. Technically don't count.

Let's drink a toast to Little Richard and the Killer and Don Everly.

I hear some songs that I really like on the radio. Technically, they rock. Technically still don't count.

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