Monday, February 19, 2018

Be Your Own Pet

We vote them out of office or we accept tyranny under this plutocracy. They mock our marches. Our candlelight vigils don't make their radar. While we convince ourselves that the government is mired in some sort of impasse they defund the State Department, the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, the EPA. They continue privatization of government services and cut taxes for themselves. They dismantle the sketchy start that we finally had for a public healthcare system and pour more billions into a bloated military machine.

There is no reason for me to name the repulsive sycophants who are enabling this repugnant monster. You see them on the news every night. Since the 1% is fairly obviously a slim sliver of the voting population, a coalition was formed. Somehow single issue voters who worry that someone is coming for their guns have joined forces with folks convinced that we don't say Merry Christmas any longer. To make it a party, no pun intended, the anti-abortionists have made nice with the folks who fret that we're not as white as we once were.

We're still talking about 35-38% of voters. Of course with some help from gerrymandering and hostile governments you can win with those numbers. For proof check Twitter.

Two years ago I would have scoffed at the suggestion that we would allow our free press to be threatened. You could not have convinced me that the intelligence community could be undermined from within. 

Honestly, I want to sit here and write about rock'n'roll shows that I saw as a kid. Let me get back to whining about a broken heart. Oh, how I long for the days when I went to movies and listened to music. Until we exterminate the vermin in D.C., however, I'm on a mission.

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