Thursday, February 15, 2018

Facts and Opinions

1. Rapists and drug dealers are pouring across our border with Mexico. If we build a tall, pretty wall they will be kept out. Mexico will, of course, pay for this wall.

No, they're not. Can't be done. No, they won't.

2. Climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. The climate is always changing. The scientific community disagrees on the data.

No, it's not. Donald Trump made this up. Yes, but not at this rate. No, they don't. There are some hacks funded by certain industries who accept money to challenge facts. You might check back on the tobacco "debate."

3. The second amendment guarantees every citizen the right to bear guns. Democrats have been trying to do away with this right for years.

The second amendment was intended to keep a militia armed to protect the population from tyranny. You might consider the present administration tyranny. I do. If you think that your bullshit bumpstock might defend you from the industrial military complex, you might want to re-think it all. If you've been feeding your family with wild game from the hunting lodge like Don Jr. and Eric, I don't know of any Democrats who have their eye on your gun.

4. It will all trickle down. Clean coal will put the miners back to work. Manufacturing will come roaring back when we finish deregulation.

No, it won't. Never has. Coal will come back when spats come back. Deregulation benefits greedy business owners at the expense of our health and quality of life. There has never been any sign whatsoever that they intend to share any gains.

5. Obamacare has ruined the finest healthcare system in the world. The Democrats party would socialize the system completely and demolish this great tradition without protection from the Freedom Caucus and a few Republican heroes.

Our healthcare system is a sad joke unless you're wealthy, a U.S. senator or representative or you have particularly lucky genes. Look at our infant mortality rates.

I could go on. And on. My point, if I have a point, is that we're down to facts vs. lies; good vs. evil; greed vs. compassion. We're beyond red and blue states, Democrats and Republicans. It was obvious to some folks that the U.S.S.R. was crumbling. Look around. Why should we allow ourselves to be bullied by thieves, nazis, cowards, nitwits and narcissists?

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