Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Prime The Pump

Is it just me or is the human race failing to live up to its potential? Maybe my expectations were too high. We tend to kill the good ones, don't we?

Maybe my only role here is to show the ones around me where the joy hides.

The villains have devised a way to keep any of us from criticizing the military industrial complex. Shame the critic as unpatriotic. Scare the populace with the threat of terrorism, nuclear holocaust, raging immigrants. Imply that to question the military is to disrespect the soldier. 

The real enemy wears stars.

We need to fight for love. Not oil, power, land and ego.

Come on rock'n'roll- save us again.


  1. Double up on peoples' fears, then keep prodding them and bring their fears nearer the surface. Then tell them the boogeyman's real and who it and where they are. And see how many people want you to save them and what they're willing to trade to be saved. Then you've got 'em. Somehow I'm not comforted by that....

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