Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jamaica's Last Love Letter

Poppa, if you've got time, maybe you could tell me just one more time about how you picked me up at the pound. Tell me about all of the nice people oohing and ahhing about me being the cutest thing they had ever seen as we made our way out to the old Volvo. Remind me about how cocky I was as I stood on the floor of the front seat and watched you drive us home.

Let's get all misty-eyed thinking about Charcoal and Mama Kitty. Our Angel stayed with us until last year. We took that one pretty hard, didn't we?

Tell me again how I've seen Georgia and North Carolina. Talk to me about me in the snow and swimming in the Suwannee River.

Everybody seemed to agree that I was about the best athlete in the world until I tore up my ACL. Remember how we slept on the floor together in the sunroom for a week waiting for it to heal. 

We moved a few years back and this became home and we were a family, me and you. Still are.

The doctor told you that I would let you know and I am. I have loved you all of my sweet life and I am literally loving you with my last breath.

Your Jamaica


  1. I'm so sorry, Ronny - these special four-legged friends are truly family. Jamaica was so lucky to have you and I truly believe Jamaica will meet you in the next world!

  2. So sorry Ronny. They get down deep in our hearts. Maybe more than most women because that hounds Love is pure and true. Time heals but we never forget them. I still Love Molly, our sweet Golden that grew up with Shannon. Hardest trip to the vet Ever. Still heartbroken. All the best.

  3. You gave her the greatest gift LOVE!