Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Real Choices

                                                      A Sailor, A Nurse And A Hillbilly
                                                                      No More War

Nothing brings joy like real peace. Why do we have to rely on marginal celebrities like the late Rodney King to ask the important questions? Why aren't our politicians who represent the only two viable parties offering their plans for real and lasting peace? We all know that the next big war will be fought from keyboards not battleships. There is no legitimate reason that we should allow bullies like Paul Ryan to stand up and holler about medicare going broke when the true subject should be winding down the military industrial complex. Oil companies should be taxed, not subsidized.

You can vote for the one guy who will continue the war business for the sake of profit because you need his tax break or you can vote for the other guy who will do the same because he won't interfere with your reproductive rights. That's not a choice.

Where is my candidate? You know, the one who wants to improve our education system and make it available to everyone. The person who intends to get us out of the cellar in infant mortality ratings. Where is the candidate who tells us the sad truth about climate change and lays out a bold plan for alternatives to fossil fuel? These two parties have run their course. Their expiration dates are up.

Let's talk about peace and love. That's always gonna be fashionable. The empire has collapsed.

Having nothing to do with my little sermon, here's a short video that Rebekah Pulley made. She asked me to tell her a story and this is the first one that came to mind. I hope you enjoy it.

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