Monday, August 6, 2012

Only Love Stops Hate

So I struggle like we all struggle. I'm hurt and it seems that hurting back would feel good. Now, I know better than that. We all know better than that. Sometimes it feels like I've been in training my whole life to make my heart bigger and purer.

Of course without testing it every now and again how would I ever have known. You don't forgive the ones who have done you wrong for their sake. You do it because it's what you do. The benefits all come to you.

The people in my life have served as wonderful examples for me. I've bumbled through and caused pain and hurt over and over. I've never meant to hurt anyone. Usually in hindsight I realize how I have let someone down or failed to be there for someone who needed me, usually for a trivial, selfish motive. I have probably taken for granted the love and forgiveness in response. Yeah, only love stops hate. I'm still in training.

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