Friday, August 3, 2012

No Net

Most of my early career choices involved speed and danger. I know, of course, that all of the real burning is done in the heart and in the head. It's too late for me to die young and I'm afraid that I wouldn't have left a beautiful corpse at any point in this go-'round.

No, I never ended up racing any car at all. My mechanical aptitude kept most of my hot rods off of the highway most of the time. More proof that some god takes care of fools.

I was always interested in being a bad guy wrestler, too. I still want to catch a bullet in my teeth onstage at the Tampa Theater.

Most of the work that I do without a net consists chiefly of going up without a song list, without a plan. Pretty much without a clue. I find myself taking my pants off or telling a roomful of strangers that I've never met my father. I don't do anything terribly well but I'm authentic.

Benny Joy was a friend of mine, a good friend. These guys inspire me. I just try to hang on. Love just as hard as you can. That's my advice.

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