Sunday, August 5, 2012

One American Dream

So Marilyn's been gone for fifty years. She shares a stage with Jesus and Elvis. There's never gonna be another one.

Was she prettier than all those other girls who have flocked to Hollywood for decades. Well, no. She was certainly breathtakingly beautiful but the place is crawling with stunning women. Maureen Dowd quotes the great director, Mike Nichols, in the Times today as explaining it, "She had the greatest need."

A little girl's voice from a purely sexual being edged with pain from sexual abuse, insecurity and overwhelming ambition. She wanted celebrity attention and she found it with Jumpin' Joe. She wanted smart and she married Arthur Miller. Of course no man was ever going to fill that void, not even the president.

Marilyn was doomed to be alone. There wasn't enough love and adulation on the planet to take care of that need. Some of the biggest dreams are some of the saddest.

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