Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fight Fire With Water

As I read the hate tinged comments from the tea party crowd I'm reminded that only love can pull us together. I've lost friends to politics and I don't want to ever lose any more.

We all want what is best for us. We all want to do what is right. The fact that we disagree over ideology  and party is okay. Shake your neighbor's hand. 

Apparently Sarah Palin will be my neighbor next week. I had thought about going to Derek Jeter's door and trying to convince him to come along with me, naked, to deliver a pineapple upside down cake to welcome her and her family to the neighborhood. I'm just gonna skip over the idea that I had of pointing out to her that she can see Ballast Point from her temporary back yard.

Maybe I should just keep my clothes on and take her that cake whether Derek's home or not. I see that he's batting .400 for August. He may be busy.

Let's fix what is broken. The world could use some extra love right now. Whatta' ya got?