Saturday, August 25, 2012

Always Start Over

Why do I have such a hard time figuring out the obvious? That's no rhetorical question. Tonight, I start over. Again.

I may not have answers but I feel lucky to have good questions. I'm not the man I've wanted to be but I can be. I want to save the world and I'm gonna need help and lots of it.

There should be plenty of fun involved in your life's work. I plan to have my share. Why keep your pants on if you can take them off? Sing with all the joy you can call up. You don't teach anybody about peace, you remind 'em.

Tonight at the Hideaway Cafe in St. Pete we celebrate the release of my new record, I've Been Meaning To Write. I'm not stupid. This is probably my last cd. It's not just the stage of my life, it's the end of the music business as we've known it. Good riddance.

So the songs and the fun have merely been something of a vehicle for my real work. I'll be reminding and preaching and yelling tonight. No reason for trousers. Merchandise? We've got it. Silk screened t-shirts and tote bags hand done by Rebekah Pulley. She's a genius. An angel, too.

My only fear is the end of the evening.