Friday, August 17, 2012

Madder Max

Okay, did the Sunnis take the Shiites off the bus and mow them down or was it the other way around? 

The white ones don't like the brown ones and the brown ones don't like the black ones and 'round and 'round we go. I've never wanted to surround myself with folks who think just like I do. For one thing I would be pretty lonely.

That doesn't stop me from wringing my hands over the new hateful wave rolling over our culture. We're a nation that was stolen from natives. We still had movies coming out of Hollywood as late as the mid sixties about the God fearing cowboys beating back the ignoble red savages.

We still function in an economy that was built on the back of African slaves.

I was so proud at some point in my youth of the progress that we had made in race relations. I was raised in Alabama, you know. 

What happened? Where is our sense of love and charity?

I worry that the Democrats will be taking the Republicans off the bus to mow them down. No, maybe the Tea Party will be dragging the Green Party guys off.

Let's don't get distracted. Let's end war, feed the poor, doctor the sick. Let's be good. Let's love.