Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shorter Days, Longer Skirts

Hampered by a lack of conviction, I scarcely notice the slow turn of seasons. I hope they make a movie of my life and I hope Walter Brennan plays me. Well, at least the last parts. I know, I know- he's dead. Well, they're not gonna make any movie about my life.

I'm not about to waste my precious time on a screenplay but here's the outline for the life, itself:

Marriage (ad nauseam)
Old Age
The End

There won't be all that much sex and even less violence. Good teasers for the coming attractions reel, though:

Shook the hand of the King of the Cowboys
Dined with Big Daddy
Worked for the Russian Mafia
Shook the hand of the King of Rock'n'Roll

I've gotta tell you the truth. The previews are better than the movie. 

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