Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Burning States

Babies and puppies and kittens- we all love them. Maybe it's the big eyes and helplessness. Those are two of the big design elements.

If you squint just right you can see the child in anyone. The cataracts may make it harder to see the twinkle but it's there.

Sometimes I'm frustrated that we all tend to identify as black or white; old or young; Democrat or Republican; even male or female. As I watch, heartbroken, the crisis in Myanmar, I find myself wondering, "Why don't these poor people just decide that they're not Muslim?"

Oh, I'm not pulling for the murderous Buddhists who are killing them. I'm not for any of these "teams."

I'm naive, not stupid. I know that genetics is the answer to my simplistic question. Seems funny to me that pretty much every religion teaches that we come from a single descendant or pair of descendants. There's only one team.

Okay, there you are. That's my core belief. Today.

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  1. "Buddhist vigilantes" - I never thought I'd hear the words. I think the world needs pro-human, pro-peace, pro-rational thinking, non-violent demonstrations, like when Gandhi lead the Salt March to the sea when the Brits thought a salt tax in INdia might be a good way for the colonial government to pick up some pocket change. Something needs to go right. And soon.