Thursday, October 5, 2017

One Of Those Kids In One Of Those Bands

Boy, howdy, I'm one lucky hick. Some stars live only a few million years. We're pretty sure that some  of the "big" ones last for ten billion. Lately the sky seems to be full of them around here. I feel good about it. Seems like I didn't see many for a long, long time. Knowing that we're made of their dust, it's reassuring to have them around. Of course we all know that most of the ones that we see actually burned out and died long ago.

Elvis died when he was forty two. Marilyn was thirty six when we lost her. Lottie was closing in on a hundred when her big old heart gave up.

I've not accumulated much and I've achieved almost nothing. I'm leaving no Elliotts. My good, true fortune, I suppose, is that I've lived long enough to see how easy kindness comes. Love requires no effort.

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