Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Three Queens And A Joker

If I knew now what I thought I knew then I'd still be in trouble. The world was black and white. Girls were sugar and spice and everything nice. Boys were snaps and snails and puppy dog tails. Then, Elvis.

I've struggled with all of it ever since.

A friend reminded me recently that I've always wanted to give away all that I own. Seems crazy. I'm not trying to buy love. I don't think I am. It wouldn't buy much.

The price of seeing the world through the poet's eyes is steep. I see way too much and I know far too little. I cry about things that I saw years ago. I can't list all that I've lost. It hurts too much.

The other side of the coin, of course, is the joy. Only local ordinances keep my pants on and that doesn't always work. If you're tired of me telling you that I love you, get in line.

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