Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Slightly Hip

The Ten Qualities That Make People Dislike You.

I just read the article. Ran across the link on Facebook. Nailed 'em all. My inclination was to go point by point and explain myself. How it's different with me. I'm reasonably sure this would be number eleven if the article had been longer.

So if I have annoyed you recently, and you certainly know who you are, I apologize again.

Whatever happened to "two sides to every story?" Turns out there are apparently two side to most stories. 

To tell you the truth, my friend, Rebekah, has tried to help. She has explained that there are things that you just don't say to other folks. Not at first, anyway.

Fortunately or unfortunately I don't have lackeys and sycophants rushing to my defense insisting that we just "let Elliott be Elliott."


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