Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Spend It All On You

My money and I are soon parted. That's okay. I have very few memories of anything that I've ever bought that had any real value. Oh, along the way I've successfully invested several times in schemes that made me more money. 

Let's see here- I risked some green paper in hopes of getting even more green paper? If you're thinking that I've wasted my time, you'll get no defense from me.

On the other hand I have no regrets about love. Oh, there are memories of street people that I walked right by and strays that I should have picked up. Maybe I should have loved harder, freer, with less reserve. Sometimes I have felt as though there was a governor limiting my love.

Everything positive in my life has come from love. Giving and receiving. When I play music for an audience it is the ultimate holy experience for me. What would my life have been without the rock'n'roll? I'll never know.

Did my mom push me there or did she just let it happen? She surely did love. She surely did.


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