Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bottom Racing

Rimbaud claimed that you have to be born a poet. He suffered, in his own words, to become a seer. By the age of twenty one he was done. He never wrote again. 

By the time I was twenty one I had quit several times. I've given it up hundreds of times by now. There comes a point where you can't quit, where quitting is harder than hanging on.

Pay day is seeing the dawn before the sun comes up. Last night I was riding with Nikola Tesla and Arthur, himself. Nick was throwing fire from his hands and Rimbaud was carving curses in his arm with rose thorns. I was drinking rum from a Dixie cup. Do they still make Dixie cups?

Tesla called it energy. Rimbaud referred to it as love.

Writers, real writers, use words as weapons. Tools. Sometimes they rhyme. They move you. They change you. Scientists comfort you. They explain the world and help you find your place in it. They show you your insignificance and they tuck you in.

I'm no more a writer than I am a musician. I'm just an antennae for all the poets and scientists. The gods who don't have their own station.


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