Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Good Start

You don't come into the game with many chips. Wet, naked, blind. Some stranger gets paid to slap you on the bottom to get you to breathe. Then the luck of the draw really kicks in.

If only everybody could have the great fortune that I've had. It's all about the love from that point on. My mom didn't just love me. She lived for me. It was all love. And music. It was a fine line. Still is.

You might say that my music has never been right and you could definitely say that my love has been all wrong. Nobody has ever wrung more out them than I have. Oh, it's easy to boast about such ethereal claptrap. There are no tax returns that show any such results.

Now you may be invited to Mr. Zimmerman's house and there will be gold records on every wall. I'm pretty sure he drinks better wine than I do, too.

They don't give out awards for successful romance but, if they did, I wouldn't have any of them hanging, either.


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