Monday, June 19, 2017

Gods In Mirrors

There have been heroes along my path on every step of my journey. I'm not sure that I'm luckier than everybody else. Maybe I've just needed them more. I'm pretty sure that the heroes are out there when you need them but you might have to look for them.

A few smiles and pats on the back go a long way, too. I could name a few names here but I don't want to embarrass anyone. I wore a little pin from the '30's for awhile that read, "Kindness Brings Happiness." You take your wisdom where you find it.

So, here we are. The kid who couldn't make up his mind whether to play rock'n'roll, race at Indy or get a motorcycle jacket to be a good juvenile delinquent...

Now his hair is silver and he plays rock'n'roll. He found out that juvenile delinquents break the law and, great goodness, fight with switchblades. He got his last ticket in 1965 and that was for an improper u-turn at a controlled intersection. (Thanks, Patsy).

Mostly he babbles about peace and love to anybody who will listen. It's a small niche.

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