Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Open Hearts Well Served

My heart will run this show from here on out. That's not all that new. I'll admit it. My only regrets come from veering off an obvious path. 

A lot of despair comes from overthinking. Nothing bad ever came from over-loving.

Love ain't chess. You don't plan your moves based on some strategy or anticipation of your "opponent's" tactic. You just love.

I love you.



  1. REL ... I'd like to sing with you, one day, someday ... I'll compose a song. Plant it in the ground. When it grows it will be full of happy colors and pretty sound .... haha .. I just wrote that! See! You inspire me! :)

  2. or .... pretty colors and happy sound .... lol! Have a GREAT day, REL!