Monday, August 17, 2015

Sad Clowns

It feels sad to me, this idea that we are identified by "what we do." Maybe if I "did" something I would feel differently about it.

Here's my career advice to kids everywhere: Do what brings you joy. Spend your time with the ones you love, including animals. Here's the kicker- love everyone. You will when you begin to understand everyone.

Exercise your heart. Oh, it will break every now and then. It's not fine china.

You belong to the universe and it belongs to you. Everything you need to know is on a bumpersticker somewhere. Make sure you pay attention to the right ones. Pretty music plays on the radio. Tune in the good stuff. Everybody needs your love. Your love.

Next time you're stuck at one of those social events where some guy asks, "What do you do?," kiss him on the mouth and tell him that you love everybody. Mean it.

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