Monday, August 10, 2015

Nothing To Fear

Losing friends should be getting easier at this point. It's not of course. My pal, John Lomax, first turned me on to Audrey Auld. By the time that we met in Oklahoma a few years later I was her biggest fan. If she wasn't the best hillbilly singer who ever lived, she was in the top five. You can't find anybody who will argue with me about that. Not anybody who ever heard her. She wrote songs that should cause all those folks in Nashville to take their day jobs more seriously.

She hit me and made fun of me. She laughed when my life went wrong. She poured wine all over me and once tried to convince me to try some of the "candy" that she was carrying in a little brown bag. The fact that she was out walking the dogs around caused my suspicion. Thank goodness.

Mez always insisted that it was because she loved me. Well, I don't know about that, but I surely did love her. I always will.

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