Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Too Long, Too Hard

Is there symmetry anywhere in nature or do we just find patterns because of the way our brains function? Thanks to Owsley lots of us notice a lot more of those patterns than we did before.

Here's today's dilemma: I can't face starting again and I can't carry on like this. I need a new radiator, the plumbing under the house needs to be replaced and I should have a dental implant.

Now, I have loftier things to contemplate. I've got this play to finish and a dozen books I'm reading. I need to mop my floors and the dog needs a bath.

If I go out and play rock'n'roll none of this other stuff matters. I could have avoided lots of pain and heartache if I just played more. What is it that they say about hindsight? Oh yeah, I should have loved better, too.

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