Monday, May 5, 2014

Shot Through

Well, you know the story about Snoopy And The Red Baron. Our producer, Phil Gernhard, had been telling us about this great Johnny Horton-style story song about a World War I pilot. He had finally tracked down his old pal, Dick Holler, in New Orleans and was on his way there for his honeymoon. He was going to bring back the song and we would get right into the studio with it. 

First problem was that Phil wrote in the crap about Snoopy when he got together with Dick. Second one was that our band unraveled due to the draft while he was gone.

That's okay. We wouldn't have touched a novelty tune. We were sure that we were far too hip for any such thing.

The good news is that Dick Holler moved here when the Royal Guardsmen had a big hit with the song and he became one of my best friends. We both worked for Phil.

He was always trying to persuade us to record a song that he had done earlier with his group, Dick Holler and the Holidays. He didn't have a copy of the 45 so he would just hum it to us. Before we got around to considering it seriously the version by the Swinging Medallions came out and was a hit. The K-Otics released it at about the same time. We didn't really care for either version.

It was years later that I finally heard the Holidays' record. Dick casually mentioned that the subject was oral sex. I barely knew what he was talking about but I suddenly loved that song. It will always be the one that got away. Well, one of them.

We'll talk about Abraham, Martin and John another day.

It wasn't wine I had too much of, it was a double shot of my baby's love.

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