Sunday, May 11, 2014

Half The Man

Well, by now we've all seen the posters about praying to be half the man that our dogs think we are. Yeah, that still holds for me. Mostly, though, I hope to someday be half the man that my mom thought I was.

In her eyes I was always the smartest kid in my class; no, wait, the smartest kid in my school. I never did anything wrong in her eyes. No teacher would ever present any evidence to make my mom think that I ever screwed up at all.

She could never see me as a failure. When I failed in romance, it must have been the woman. If the music business overlooked me it was obviously their shortsightedness. She thought I was famous. She thought I sang prettier than anybody, ever. Well, maybe not better than Elvis.

Funny thing is, she wasn't hard of hearing. In fact she had great taste. She introduced me to most music that I still hold dear. It was just that she saw me with an aura that was only visible to her. Well, her and Grandma.They listened to my music through some kind of "auto-tuned in heaven" filter.

We were poor. They did without necessities to spoil me with luxuries. They spoiled me with love, too.

I miss them every day. I may never be the man they thought I was but I'm surely a lot finer man than I would have been without all that love. I'm trying.

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