Monday, May 26, 2014

I Smell A Mystery

Life should be easy. There's a reason for all those Garden Of Eden stories. Why don't we feed everyone? Why isn't medical care available for all? Why do we discriminate based on wealth, skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference? What's up with clothes? Why aren't we taking care of the planet?

Let's put everyone to work. Let's replace the war industry with environmental crews and real education. Let's send crews out to feed and take care of the elderly. We have robots for the truly bad jobs. Short work weeks and work days, too.

Maybe we should encourage lifelong education. If I can come up with these as I sit here, wouldn't it be easy for the smart folks in charge to fix it up a bit? I'm a hillbilly songwriter!

Love. That's what the revolution runs on. Love.

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