Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bless Us All

Well, I know I'm getting older and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting wiser. One thing is getting more clear for me, though. Every person who has passed through my life has had a positive influence on me. For some reason beyond my understanding, folks from my past are showing up. In some cases literally. I'm hoping, of course, that this isn't some form of life passing before my eyes at the end.

The love that I feel for the people that I have known is almost overwhelming. Oh, I remember differences and I can recite dialogue from fights and feuds. That's different from having bad feelings about anyone, though. I would listen to any argument that puts all blame for differences at my feet. After all, I'm more different than most of them.

I don't suppose that I could have loved more. I wish I had loved better. I regret not having given everything for the love. That's where truth and peace and rock'n'roll intersect.

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