Monday, September 23, 2013

More Comedy, Less Drama

Once the clean-cut, clear-eyed worker bees had talked me out of a few bucks to keep up the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's lifestyle in exchange for my own personal mantra, which, of course, I cannot reveal here, I noticed one thing quickly. The Maharishi was always giggling. Not that I ever saw him. I mean in newsreel footage with the Beatles or on some late night talk show giving us, or should I say selling us, the joy and peace associated with transcendental meditation I knew him.

Now, I've seen footage of the Dali Lama shedding tears, too, but I generally think of him as smiling. Maybe joyous.

Me? I don't have anything to sell. I do know this, though. We're built for happy. Don't let the swirling chaos around you suck you in. Drag the folks around you into that place where laughter lives. There's plenty out there to feel sad about. Deal with it with compassion and understanding. Then, get right to "Who's On First" or "I'm My Own Grandpa" or "What It Was Was Football" or something glorious.

Love is the key and laughter is the vehicle. I suppose rock'n'roll's the fuel.

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