Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wrap My Turban

Always wanted to wear a turban. I've got a crystal ball in the house, too. Really. Turns out I know stuff. My fascination with mind reading and mentalism is settled in the theatrics but I know a little something about the history of the stuff. Yeah, Theo Annemann shaved a widow's peak as a young man so that he could look the part. By the time that he took his own life he had blurred the line between real life and the other world.

Maybe I have avoided the showbiz mentalism to keep away from that pesky real stuff. It finally occurs to me that "reading minds" can be too much to handle. I can sing you song after song that I've written about big events in my life. Before they happened. Sensitive means way more than I once thought it did.

It's not always a drag knowing what the stranger on the elevator is thinking but it can be tedious listening in on the hearts of lovers.

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