Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Emperor's Clothes

How long do these bozos think that we're gonna put up with their philandering and plundering? Our lawmakers have job security, healthcare and a fine retirement plan. All at our expense.

We send our kids to fight their wars, not for justice and democracy, but for profits for their financial backers. Our infrastructure crumbles and our environment sputters to appease crooks who keep these guys in office. I use the term, in office, because I won't refer to it as "working."

I've never had anything against capitalism and I still don't. They have appropriated the term and use it to describe thieves and cheaters. I learned enough in Sunday School to know that I need to stand up to this.

Fidel Castro turned out to be a bad guy. That fact doesn't say anything positive at all about Batista. You can't replace scoundrels with scoundrels and make the world a better place. Rise up in love and let's fix this country, this continent, this world. Pray for peace, search for truth.

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