Monday, May 27, 2013

Love The Soldier, Hate The War

Hate's a strong word and I would really rather not use it at all. I'll make an exception here, though. History will always show us that there are no good wars. Men can't get along. Never could. It's all mixed up with biology and testosterone. Once we "advanced" as a culture so that the rich ones could use the poor ones to fight their battles we moved to a new and terrible game.

There are enough resources on this planet, despite our dumb habits, to provide for the needs of all of our citizens. Enough to take care of our children, our sick, our elderly and everyone without the means to take care of themselves.

Some folks want more than their share, though. Hey, I'm not preaching about capitalism or socialism here. I'm talking about a set of morals that marches off our precious youth for profit and property and ideology.

We owe all of our heroes who have marched off to defend us all of the help and all of the love and all of the respect that we can muster. We owe them our promise to make sure that their kids never march off for some old fool's folly, too. A revolution of love has begun. Let's end war. Let's use our resources to provide for the earth and all of her inhabitants. I am a patriot. I fight for love. I fight for truth.

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