Friday, May 17, 2013

The Whole Pie

Once the big bucks are squeezed out of the music business the rock'n'roll will flow. Of course Clive and the last of the crooks will be long gone. It will come from the kids, of course. It always does. It will be built on all of the gospel and hillbilly stuff that came down from the hills. We'll still be indebted to the Africans and the Irish and all of the heroes who cooked that stew the last couple of go 'rounds.

I won't likely be here to hear it but some kid who knows he's hipper than the pack may find some obscure tune of mine... wait, they're all obscure; damn! I was saying, some punk may stumble across something that I've done and hold it up as something primitive, something so unsophisticated that it deserves a listen. Voila!

Oh, you have no idea how many friends have suggested death to me as a career move. Honestly, I'm content with obscurity. It suits me.

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