Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wendy And Tink

One of the fears of grown men, according to the folks who keep track of this stuff, is the Peter Pan syndrome. Well, I suppose that it's the fear of the other people in their lives, really.

Of course I like to think that I'm grown up emotionally. By choice, however, I've never seen any reason to let go of a lot of my childhood. I play rock'n'roll. I do it for the joy that it brings me. I like to think that I help put a little something in other people's lives every now and then, too. 

No kid would ever hurt an animal. None of us would have ever eaten our first hotdog if mom had told us up front what it was. We had it right.

As boys we all liked to play war or cowboys and indians. That's my cousin, Jimmy, and me in some of our less formal cowboy getups. As soon as I put a few facts together and figured out what we had done to the Native Americans I turned away from the cowboy culture. You'll never convince me that Roy or Gene or Hoppy would have ever hurt innocent people. I didn't get any of those facts from the teachers at school, either, I might add.

If kids were running our government right now I'm sure that we wouldn't always be on the verge of invading anyone else. We might not balance any budget right away but we surely wouldn't be withholding financial support for people in need. Not just to reward cheaters and liars any way.

Seems that my emotional development peaked around the time that I found out how much fun it is to be with girls. Once again, I had it right. I see the world through the same eyes that I did as a young boy. I'm glad of it. It's a beautiful world. Sometimes grownups botch things up. They mean well.

I love you.

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