Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Blowin' In The Sand

Everything reminds me that every time a single grain of sand is dislocated from its niche on the beach the whole universe moves. Aware that every movement, every thought of mine influences the planet forces me to look long and look hard at my dark side and the other one. All that zen babble about no light without dark, no good without evil sinks in over a long period of time.

Really I have no interest in practicing being good. I just want to be good. For years I described myself as an addictive personality. Seemed right. Now I suppose that it was just a romantic image. I seem to be the opposite. That's not being good. That's biology, genetics. Good fortune.

When it comes to the other biological urges, count me in. I have some theories about all of that. If there is no divine plan then it doesn't matter. If there is then sex must have been a big part of the design. Again, I must be very lucky that nothing that appeals to me is illegal. Not now, not here. Let me add, if I haven't mentioned it often enough, that almost everything appeals to me. Whoopee!

The scientist describes it as physics and chemistry and biology. The poet sees it in terms of the heart and the soul. I get it all mixed up. I always have. I see it all in terms of love.

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