Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stationary Feast

Second chances, second acts. I thank my lucky stars for opportunities to fix things. I don't have any problem apologizing. I regret things that I've done wrong but I don't think I have much trouble admitting it. I hope not. I'm stubborn and I know it. Everybody couldn't have it wrong! There are lots of big things that I have changed my mind about over a lifetime. I'm probably not finished changing my mind, either.

There is certainly nothing to be proud of about prejudice. I'm prejudiced. Without justification I think women are superior to men. I think that most of the apes are "smarter" than human beings and I like dogs better than most humans. Cats, too.

Without starting a complete inventory here, let's just say that I'm usually with the underdog. We sit at the kids' table and we have more fun.


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