Sunday, November 5, 2017

Evolution and Love

As social animals we evolve along two distinct lines. As some kind of primeval ooze our needs were low. By the time that we were primarily prey we began to develop aggressive genes to keep from being eaten out of existence. To thrive we began simultaneously to develop loving genes so that we could cooperate and live in groups.

First thing you know a couple billion years slip by. 


Cowboys and Indians. Sunni and Shiite. Republicans and Democrats.

You don't need to be a scientist to see that the aggressive team is winning. At the peril of our existence. Maybe the planet. 

That's nothing new. We've been working at putting ourselves out of business since we climbed down from trees. Now, though, nuclear weapons are in the hands of lunatics. Mean lunatics.

Oh, they're out of fashion. A smart tyrant would wage cyber war on his enemy. Our tyrants aren't smart. Sadly, they're out of fashion, too. Little hands, big bombs.

Our team needs to step up the love game pretty quickly.

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  1. Hey Ronnie,
    wondering how your nerves are tonight. Great to find you active on Facebook. We had congress many moon ago, I think thru Terry Clarke. I was host a radio show on CMR and played a load of your stuff. Just to say Hi and keep up your great work. Oh and Tell The King The Killers here.