Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Kudzu Wine and Cornbread

That pesky aggressive gene. It will surely be the end of mankind but must we take the planet down with us? Look around you. These are the folks that we allow to run things?

We need to move towards making war illegal. That is not complicated. The first step is to disincentivize arms manufacturers, men with small penises, folks who hear God telling them what to do and other rabble rousers.

We have the brightest minds working on technology under the guise of defense with weapons of destruction ultimately in the hands, small though they may be, of self-important blowhards.

It's 1:00 am. I should be worrying about a hurricane. If I'm gonna worry at all, that is. Here I sit, making a child-like list of perfectly obvious little rules based on what I learned in Sunday School.This ain't my first list.

By the way, God doesn't help with my lists. I may be naive but I'm no hypocrite.

If Caligula had possessed the bomb there would be no more history.

Things are broken. Let's fix them.

John Lennon said that he wasn't the only dreamer. We're all dreamers now, Johnny. We're all dreamers now.

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