Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Business of Show and My Ego

What could possibly be lower than show biz? Well, politics, I suppose. Maybe.

It takes a big ego to think that you might overcome your ego. You can't get there from here. Or anywhere. I see everything, everything, from my point of view. It's the only one I have. 

She told me more than once, "You're awfully hard on yourself."

I'm not. I just happen to strip my soul bare as my vocation. I'll tell anybody anything. I'll tell you something different tomorrow. I don't lie. I change.

Love is the only constant for me. All my memories turn to love. Loss, of course, is the other side of that cosmic coin. The love is cumulative. The lucky man is the man who understands it.

So I show off for a living. No wonder I struggle. Me? I always had trouble asking her to dance.

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