Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Secrets I Can't Tell

Oh, I've seen the future. Looks a lot like the past. Love jumps from heart to heart and I'm really not gonna study war no more. The native Americans had the better outfits. The wisdom. Whatever God you believe in would most certainly have been on their side.

Let's see here, we began this here club by stealing the land and handing out smallpox blankets. Then we wrote treaties that we had no intention of honoring. 

We brought in slaves to do the work that was beneath even the poor.

Oh, we're not all bad. In fact we're mostly good. Fact is, though, the aggressive gene is dominant. You know- curly hair + straight hair = curly hair.

We've got some mojo and some karma to deal with here. There's more of us. Lots more. Judge them for what they are, not what they think they are. Old white guys with expensive ribbons tied around their necks.

Now they have the bombs, the tear gas, the tanks and probably small pox blankets. They buy them with our money. 

My side has love. Truth. Hope.

They fight, we dance. 

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