Monday, July 24, 2017

Holy Science

My collection of memorabilia would never go up on the wall of any Hard Rock Cafe. Most of it looks like trash. With no story, no explanation, most of my treasure would be put out with the garbage.

There's my piece of wood that Elvis stepped on. At least that little sliver has "Elvis Stepped Here" burned right into it. Somewhere around here is my B.B. King pick that he gave me and Duane Allman's string package. I've shown you my little photo booth picture that Tiny Tim gave me. Oh yeah, I had Rock Bottom's 1932 National Duolian but I recently passed that along as a legacy guitar. Honestly, it looked a little bit out of place with the "trash." I have Eric Clapton's Coricidin bottle that he and Duane used.

You get the point. Lots of autographs, programs, posters and photos.

Now I have been outdone. What I once considered a special treasure field of sacred junk has been rendered superfluous.

Get ready. Are you sitting down?

My pal, Rob McNurlin, has acquired Hank Snow's toupee.

I know, I know.

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