Monday, September 26, 2016

What If The Good Guys Win?

Over the long haul the mean ones are gonna win. Oh, not every time. Aggressive behavior, though, is blessed by evolution. Psychopaths don't come through the closet door with an axe. Not necessarily. Psychopathy merely means no empathy, no compassion. Psychopaths believe that we're all just like they are. In their eyes they're just smarter. Better at it.

Now assuming that you're not a psychopath, let's consider options for the rest of us.

Why do you suppose that you still get giddy when "Don't Worry, Be Happy" comes on the radio as an oldie? Well, it may keep you from wringing your hands picturing President Trump with his red button  for a minute or two.

Remind yourself that cheaters win. Payola works. Voter fraud determines elections. Human growth hormones will pump you up.

Look at your life. How do you sleep? Love is the secret. Cheating won't help. Here's the party.

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